Sony hPlayStation Stars just presented PlayStation Stars, a new rewards system that will make us make money to spend on the PlayStation Store for the mere fact of playing on the company’s consoles (PS4 and PS5). The service will arrive at the end of the year and will work similar to how Microsoft Rewards on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. In other words, there will be challenges of all kinds, if we complete them we will win loyalty points ** and these can be exchanged for funds for our digital purse.

There will be challenges PlayStation Stars ePlayStation Starsy PlayStation Stars Monthly Check-In, which will give us points once a month for playing anything , but there will also be much more difficult (and large reward). Among the examples given by Sony is winning tournaments, obtaining specific trophies or Be the first player in your area to get the platinum of a blockbuster. If we are also members of PlayStation Plus, we will rage loyalty points with each purchPlayStation Starse at the PlayStation Store, in the manner of the gold points of the Nintendo Eshop .

PlayStation Stars inaugurates Sony’s digital collectibles

PlayStation Stars part of PlayStation Stars we also want to present a new type of reward called ‘digital collectibles’ . The collectibles are images of many of our games and franchises. Art pieces that will enchant fans and cover our more characters more characters emblematic and many of our entertainment forms. We want that there is always a new collectible to achieve . It is an original concept that adds to the history of innovation that hPlayStation Stars always accompanied Sony.

Yes, we know what sounds, but They are not NFT. And difficult to get. And although they are digital and collectible, they are not NFT (non-fungible tokens) because they cannot be sold or changed ** and will not use any type of blockchain technology.

Both digital collectibles and PlayStation Store will arrive in the coming months. Sony hPlayStation Stars claimed to be doing several tests and advances that will arrive climbing everyone , PlayStation Stars it hPlayStation Stars happened with the new PS Plus, which began being available in PlayStation Starsia, then in Japan, United States And, for a few weeks, also in Europe (and Spain). In fact, the first PS Plus Premium additions have just been announced. We will remain attentive to the news about this curious proposal.