** -NPC introduction to new weapons, creatures and NPCs in new updates

Cog Wheel Software has performed the major content update ‘Kill it with Fire’ for its SF horror game Hidden Dip. The update includes new weapons, creatures, and first NPCs, and introduces new levels. In addition, in commemoration of a new update, a 60%discount will be held on Steam this weekend.

Hidden Deep is a SF game inspired by the retro movie in the 80’s, and you can explore the secret room research facility, which is unknown and unknown. The update provides three new levels, allowing players to experience a variety of experiences.

The Kill it with Fire update also introduces new creatures and weapons. If you see zombies or worms, you can bake it with a newly added flamethrower, or you can eradicate enemies with shotguns, pistols and machine guns.

In addition, this update will introduce the first NPC to Hidden Dip. The NPC may be kind and help depending on the character, but there are also NPCs to be careful.

Hidden Dip, which is currently in the early early access stage, is currently added to more than 200,000 wish lists and is expected through Tic Talk Channel and more than 100,000 discode communities. More details related to the game can be found in the Steam page .