This year, the British developer of Supermassive Games will delight fans of interactive horror not only The Quarry, but also the first season of the fourth game of The Dark Pictures Anthology series. Today, the studio announced the release window of this new part, which received the prefix The Devil in Me, and introduced the plot trailer.

The Lonnit Entertainment television company receives a mysterious invitation from a person named Grantem Du’et, who promises to conduct an excursion on the recreated murder castle of the first American serial killer G.G. Holmes. The founder of the company believes that from this it can be excellent material and sends the crew. However, upon arrival, the team understands that she was in a fatal trap, where they are watching them, and also try to manipulate, like rats in the maze. The whole group forgets about shooting, because now their main goal is to get alive from the walls of this castle.

The release of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in ME will take place in the fall this year on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.