The reality remains that CD Projekt Red for that reason means to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of its development as well as fairly conventionally, the programmer links the players there, in certain through the implementation of a devoted site. Players will have the ability to share their memories linked to the Polish workshop, as well as their productions (screenshots, conceptual illustrations, cosplay images, and so on). The workshop will certainly likewise offer everyday challenges and competitions permitting the most inventive curious to win some presents.


As we understand, the Polish publisher CD Projekt (after that specializing in the distribution of third-party games) was established in 1994, and it was just in very early July 2002 that the CD Projekt Red development studio was produced. In two decades, the independent programmer has actually used up a range, to the point of creating a solid reputation many thanks to the important and industrial success of the Witcher saga (notably the Witcher 3 as well as its 65 million duplicates marketed, pending a 4th opus currently in development). Certainly, the studio did not understand that the successes as well as the photo of CD Projekt Red was racked up adhering to the chaotic launch of Cyberpunk 2077 , however the developer is clearly eager to align the capturing, particularly via an expansion anticipated following year.

As well as beginning with July 6 and also every Wednesday throughout the following few months, members of the CD Projekt Red development teams will certainly also share their own memories with the gamers, as component of once a week publications. What a little bit much better recognize the behind the scenes of the growth studio.