Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the next title of the popular IP of J-RPGS Monolith Soft and its launch will occur on July 29, within a little less than a month. Then, we are going to return to some of the protagonists who are present in him, as mine, who we are talking about today.

Mio, Agnus Guardian

Mine is among the soldiers of the nation of Agnus . She is also one of the members of the protagonist group that we control in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Like Noah, her first appearance of her dates back to the Nintendo Direct of February 2022 . It is important to specify that Mio is also one of the few people who are assigned the role of eximios. She and Noah can touch the flute to help the souls of the deceased on the battlefield to reach the sky. She will be accompanied by Taion and Sena before joining the other protagonists.

From the announcement of the game, we have been entitled to a multitude of events, and we have been able to learn more about mine. She is 19 years old, she tells a sweet and serious personality. Of course, there is a great conflict because in the Direct of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct, we discover that she has three months of life of the 10 years that the soldiers can reach.

  • Mine
  • Nation: AGNUS
  • Age: 19
  • Friends: Taion and Sena

mine, an agile fighter


Now that we have known a little more about her, it is time to see what she gives of her in combat. To do this, the young woman is not doing anything wrong since she has an agility that allows her to dodge blows. Armed with her Chakrams, she will not hesitate to attract the attention of your opponents.

Thanks to her class Céfiro of her, mine will be a very useful guardian against strong enemies such as legendary bosses or monsters. The main strength of her lies in her ability to dodge the attacks enemies. To help you keep the aggro, you can use her art called Butterfly Filo that forces your enemies to hit. If it is the objective of these blows. You can alsouse the fusion with Noah and become a Uroboros * during your battles.

  • Role: Tank
  • Class: Cephiro
  • Weapon: Rings (Chakram)
  • Specialties: dodge and provoke

Also keep in mind that she, like the other five protagonists, she can change class and role.

Is the new girl?

If you have played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , you should remember NIA. We will see how mine could be the replacement of NIA in this Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In addition to her hair, the two have those particular ears. The second point we return is the choice of weapons, since although their roles are different, they have the same type of weapon, such as the Chakram.