Your combat skills in Naraka: BladePoint are of great importance. You must be completely concentrated, faced with opponents in Naraka: BladePoint. Each action game has three aspects of battle: blocking, parrying and counterattack. This leadership will help you improve your combat skills and explain how you can block, parry and counterattack in Naraka: BladePoint.

Before we start, you need to remember one thing: all three attacks are connected with each other in Naraka: BladePoint. For example, you cannot properly counterattack if you do not at first parry the enemy attacks.

How to block attacks in Naraka: BladePoint

To block the enemy attacks in Naraka: BladePoint, you need to develop a habit of waiting for the enemy attack. First study the attacks of your enemy. Usually all enemies use three click attacks in Naraka: BladePoint.

Most likely, the third attack in this attack with three clicks will be an attack with a blue focus. To block this attack, at the same time press the right mouse button and the left mouse button right in front of the third attack of the enemy. If you do it right, you can easily block the attack of the enemy.

How to parry and counterattack in Naraka: BladePoint

As mentioned above, all these attacks are connected with each other. In the same way, in order to withstand a blue focal attack, throw a parry, which is performed by simultaneous pressing the left and right buttons of the mouse. As a new player, you should start to get used to waiting for your enemy to hold his third attack, and then throw off his counterattacking.


After the attack was successfully retorted, you can quickly continue it with a counterattack. Adhere to light attacks as a counter so that you can deliver a couple of blows before the enemy recovers.

To master the ability to parry and counterattack in the snake, you need to well understand the combinations of weapons, so first practice with one weapon before switching to another.