Five Riot Games Games, including League of Legends (Loll), join the Xbox game pass. All of the games are partial paid titles, but in the Xbox game pass, you can use all the characters in Roll and Baloland without payment. This is similar to the benefits of Riot Games in a domestic PC room.


The news was released on the Xbox & Bethesda showcase on the 13th. Riot Games Title, which joins the XBOX game pass, is League of Legends, League of Legends: Wildlift, Balorant, League of Legends Strategic Team Battle, Legend of Runtera.

In this showcase, we can briefly look at the benefits of each game. First of all, the rolls can be enjoyed without purchasing 160 kinds of champions, and League of Legends: Wildlift and Valorant are also open in the game champions and agents. Not only the existing characters, but also the characters that are added in the future can be used without payment.

Legend of Runthera is then given one of the card packs, a foundation set, and League of Legends: Strategic Team Battle has some little legend. In addition, all five Riot Games games introduced earlier will be given additional experience bonuses in the game pass.

The five games will be added to the Xbox game pass within the next few months, and more information about the partnership between Xbox and Riot Games will be released. Following the acquisition of the Activity Blizzard, it is noteworthy how Xbox’s attempt to expand the base of the game pass through collaboration with Riot Games will produce.