Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) and Wonder Potion (CEO Yoo Seung-hyun), a PC package game, Sanabi, announced on the 21st that it will launch an early access to the global game distribution platform Steam (STEAM) on the 21st..

San Navi is a 2D action platformer game set against Cyberpunk Distopia. It is characterized by the impact action and dynamic movement that is carried out using the main character’s chain arm, and the secrets hidden in the huge corporate city of Margo also enhance the fun of the game.

In the Sanabi Early Access version, you can enjoy the entire story of chapter 2, including prologue, and you can see some stories of chapter 3. In addition, three bosses and speed run mode are also available. It supports a total of six languages, including Korean, English and Japanese.


Earlier, Sannabi participated in the ‘2022 Play Expo’ offline exhibition held in May, presented chapter 1 and speed run mode, and received positive feedback from many users about sculpture and action.

For more information about mountain butterfly, please visit the official Steam page.