With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero just a few weeks away from its premiere in Japan, Toei Animation has released a new trailer from this expected anime tape, which gives us a very interesting look at what seems to be the final fight of this adventure.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie - Official Trailer 4 | AniTV

Although the trailer is somewhat short, Here we can see Gohan, Piccoro, Goten and Trunks join forces to defeat a mysterious villain. Next to this, you can see how a capsule is about to exploit. Recall that several rumors and theories point out that Cell would be the main antagonist of this film. This is the description of _dragon ball super: super hero: _

“The Red Patrol Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. The individuals, who continue with their spirit, have created the final androids, gamma 1 and gamma 2. These two androids call themselves ‘superheroes’. They begin to attack Piccolo and Gohan… What is the objective of the new red patrol? Given the danger that is coming, it’s time to wake up, superhero! ”

After the unfortunate hacker attack, Toei Animation delayed this film indefinitely. Fortunately, the wait was not so long, and On June 11 it will be released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan . In related issues, here we tell you when this film will arrive in Mexico and Latin America. Similarly, this was what Dragon Ball generated last year.

Editor’s note:

This new advance looks quite interesting. Although I oppose the idea of seeing Cell in this movie, the idea of having a secret villain is something we have already seen in the past, so the question will be to see how well this secret character is implemented.