Diablo 2 Resurrected is a service that aims to provide new content to Diablo II players by allowing them to challenge other players in ladder matches or join another challenger in coop with our matchmaking system. Here, players will face off against the world’s strongest Hardcore and Softcore characters, with tournaments acting as the method for progression through brackets.

It all began when I was eight years old and obsessing over Diablo I. As time went on, an idea to rekindle my interest in Diablo II came about. After investing one of the better parts of my life for this project (and after being offered $2 million from a few interested parties), I decided that no price was too high and promptly walked away from the deal. Still, it would eventually take about ten years before Diablo II Resurrected saw a release under my label.

The first person in Diablo 2 Resurrected to reach the maximum level of Hardcore Experience (during the recently introduced Season 1 of Brackets).

The hardcore versions – like in Path of Exile or Diablo 3 – rely on the fact that the player has only one life per character. When we die … the fun ends, and we have to start over.

This is probably why our hero chose the Paladin class, which is the safest choice and very difficult to kill.

Season 1 of Diablo 2 Resurrected started on April 28, so it took “EazyE” roughly a month of regular play to reach lvl 99 (we don’t have exact data because “EazyE” is not an active streamer).

It is worth adding, however, that this hardcore feat would not be possible without the support of colleagues. Without them, “EazyE” couldn’t have reached level 99 in such a short time.

Their tactic was to:
Two players go to act I to search for Exp Shrine (+ 50% to experience gained) and open two portals here

Several players go to the Sanctuary of Chaos in Act IV and open 4 of the five seals, 3 of which must necessarily summon elite opponents, which they kill without EazyE’s participation – Then Lifty himself opens the last fifth seal, gathering Diablo and kills him alone, gaining all experience.

Several players go to the Throne of Destruction in Act V and remove 3 of the five waves of enemies, leaving the last fourth and fifth for Lifty’s experience, and then go with him to kill Baal.

In his spare time, while other players are busy hunting / killing monsters, Lifty himself and a few other players are looking for Niljatak (Sale Vought, Act V), Summoner (Magic Haven, Act II), and Countess (Tower). Basement: level 5, Act I) to get the keys that unlock the Uber Tristram event.

The last percentages for level 99 were achieved by killing Uber-Diablo, Uber-Baal, and Uber-Mephisto.