DARANEKO GAMES has launched early access today for the gamebook style multi -ending RPG “ Life Use ” on May 21.

In this early access, up to two chapters in the story can be played, and in the future, it will continue to develop until the official release, referring to the requests collected by users. Feedback can be sent from the game, and you can also post to Steam thread.

The game bug fixes, quality ups, balance adjustments, etc. are constantly updated, and “Main scenario updates (added chapters for each branch)”, “implementation of high -level classes”, “Infinity” It is said that “implementation of” arena (provisional)) “is scheduled in the form of a large update.

In this work, the hero changes the number of options, and the way of thinking changes. Do you use “life” for yourself or for others? There is no good or BAD for the ending, and the end of the way of life selected by the player is drawn.

The battle has both “command battle strategy” and “action of QTE”, especially in the last minute where you can win or lose in the boss battle, and take appropriate actions according to the enemy’s behavior and movement. It has been carefully built as a “new good” JRPG that gains the pleasure of winning.

Of course, it also has a conventional JRPG growth element. There is a trial version, but in early access, you can play the story ahead of the trial version. If you want to think deeply about how to use your life, jump into this “game book” world.

“How to use life” is conducting early access on Steam. The price is 1,780 yen.