Are you not satisfied with your first summon in Dislyte, so you want to know the procedure to follow to try your luck again to have the character of your choice? Or do you not know if Tang Xuan is an excellent legendary to have in your team? at startup?

In this guide, we tell you how to Reroll in Dislyte, and we give you some indications so that you know which of Li Ling and Tang Xuan is better.

How to reroll in Dislyte?
Please note that account recovery in Dislyte takes much longer than in other games. Let’s think about Epic Seven, where it is pretty easy to start a new game. In Dislyte, you will have to roll up your sleeves and show patience.

Here is the procedure to follow to reroll:
Start the game and play as a guest.
do the walkthrough
Collect all possible rewards to have your first multi summon
If you don’t like the multi-invocation, go to your Profile
In Settings, go to Services
Under Account Service, click Initialization
Enter the code requested by the game and then confirm

You can repeat three times on the same account, so have multiple email addresses handy to open multiple ones. When you have a start to the game that suits you, all you have to do is maintain this account and continue your adventure.

If you don’t know how to link an account to avoid data loss, here is the procedure to follow:
From your Profile, go to Settings
Under Services, go to Account Services
Choose to link your account in the way you prefer (3 ways to connect the account are possible)

Li Ling or Tang Xuan: Which to Choose?

During your first multiple summon is where you’ll get the chance. Usually, at this stage, the decision will be made whether to play again or not because you will have the opportunity to get a legendary character. The banner offers you to get Li Ling or Tang Xuan. Both characters are perfect, but one stands out above the other.

Li Ling is the star of this first multi-summon and comes across as an S -type character. Li Ling is a great character for Ritual Erbium against Kronos and Fafnir and Space Tower of Infinity Erbium. He is a quality DPS that will also make a difference in PvP, especially on offense. Li Ling will be undeniably effective at clearing waves of enemies thanks to his AoE abilities to follow the story.

On the other hand, if you like Tang Xuan, you can continue your adventure with this character because he is still an A+ type character. However, the truth is that Li Ling is the best legendary to start in Dislyte.