Now that you started playing a “little witch in the forest”, you may be interested in whether you can change your character so that he better reflects yourself or the floor of the desired character. Although the game is a role -playing game, this is actually impossible.

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Can you become a wizard in a “little witch in the forest”?

You cannot be a magician at Little Witch in the Woods. In this game you play for a witch named Ellie. Follow her through her adventures in the study of magic and studying the secrets of her fantastic world. Although you should play for Ellie and her magic hat of Virgil, you will get the opportunity to meet many different players throughout the game. You can even develop relationships with the inhabitants of the village that Ellie faces.

Is it possible to change your floor in Little Witch in the Woods?

You might think that even if you have to play for Ellie, you can still change the use of the pronoun in the game or Paul Ellie. This is not so, since you cannot change your floor in Little Witch in the Woods. Ellie identifies herself as a woman and uses these pronouns that are recorded in the game.

Little Witch in the Woods is a role -playing game, not a simulator. This means that you play a character in a given story, and do not create your own character in the flexible world. Some confusion may occur due to the open style of the game.

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