On May 10, WB Games released the latest gameplay video of “ Gotham Knights “. In accordance with this, the release of the PS4/Xbox One version of this work has also been announced. It is a judgment to deliver the best game experience as much as possible. This work will be released for PC/PS5/Xbox Series X | S.

This work is an open world action RPG set in Gotam City after Batman’s death. The main character is Bat Girl Night Wing, Red Food Robin, and four. They have become a new dark night and patrols five sections of Gotham City. While the wealthy secret society “Owl Court” shows new movements, he aims to prevent criminal acts in the city and save Gotham from the edge of chaos.

In the video released this time, the game play of Night Wing and Red Food was performed along with the commentary of Geoffff Ellenor, the game director of Gothan Knights.

Each protagonist of this work can unlock its unique means of transportation that is useful when patroling Gotham City, and the night wing has a glider called Flying Trapeze. He glides the sky, and discovered one of the gangsters, REGULATORS, was trying to make a hacking crime. Nightwing is characterized by acrobatic battle style, and is fighting with melee attacks and skills while moving through the field endlessly.

In addition to solo play, it is possible to play with two people in addition to solo play. Cooperation play can always be participated and out of time. Red food has a means of transportation called Mystical Leap, which allows you to jump in the air with energy as a foothold. He is good at long -range attacks using guns as a weapon.

If the attack on the enemy and the dodge roll succeeded, the gauge called the Momentum Bar rose. When it is full, you can activate powerful abilities. The gauge rises faster by performing attacks and combo at the right time. By the way, it seems that what kind of information is displayed on the UI on the screen can be customized.

In the video, the scene where the red food rides on the enemy truck after this is also introduced. These criminal acts that occur in various parts of Gotham City exist in the form of a mini -game, and each has its own rules and main sub goals. And when the case is resolved, it seems that you can gain experience.

Bellfly, the base of the protagonists, was also introduced. It is said that you can challenge the challenge scattered in the city and proceed with the story from the map that can be accessed by accessing the bat computer. In the video, there is a way to select the next survey mission to challenge in the night wing.

In addition, Bellfly can upgrade equipment based on the design drawings and materials obtained. Strengthening according to the content of the mission seems to be the key to capture. In addition, the design drawings have different statuses, and the selection can express their favorite play style.

Gotham Knights - Official Nightwing and Red Hood Gameplay Demo
In the latter half of the video, a fast trabel with Fastbat, and then challenging the survey mission selected earlier. Nightwing infiltrated a facility quietly killed the enemy in stealth play and investigated the surroundings with AR vision. AR Vision is a kind of see -through ability that helps search for puzzle elements and hints for solving mysteries.

He also introduced how to play the same mission with red food. The stage, the stage, is actually a facility related to the owl court. Red Food is a trapped trap after fighting a boss, a Talon Ladiator, which has been modified and enhanced by the owl court.

  • Trailer introducing owl court released in October last year

“Gotham Knights” will be released on October 25 for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the PS4/Xbox One version, which has been planned, has been canceled.