Losing your switch surprisingly quickly to battery performance even though you hardly use it? Then you should try a simple advice from Nintendo, which with a little luck could solve the problem.

Nintendo advice should bring Switch-Akku up to now

More and more Nintendo fans are complaining online about the poor battery performance of their Nintendo Switch. However, the problem should not occur with the old console models- Above all, the new OLED version seems to be primarily affected (source: business insider).

Now the Japanese customer service from Nintendo has reacted and published a small guide that may improve the battery performance of the handheld console somewhat .

This is how Nintendo recommends the following procedure to the affected users:

  • Removes the console from the dock if it is in it.
    Deactivates the automatic stand-by mode of the console . You can find this option in the system settings in the “Stand-by mode” menu under the item “Automatically activated (game on console screen)”. Select “never” here.
    Now start a game and leave the console untouched,
    until the battery is completely unloaded and the console automatically switches to rest mode / the screen becomes black.
    *Now connect the power supply to the Switch’s USB-C port and
    load the console for at least 4 hours **.

(Source: Nintendo Japan)

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After that, the battery performance of your Nintendo Switch should have improved significantly. However, there is no guarantee.

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What to do if the Switch battery tip doesn’t help?

If, contrary to expectations, there is no improvement in battery performance, customer service advises to send your switch for inspection and potential repair . The battery may be defective and must be replaced.

  • To the repair service from Nintendo

If you are technically talented, can also take this into your own hands . Just don’t forget that this will guarantee your guarantee and run your risk of irreparably damage your console.

Alternatively, you can also increase the battery life of your switch by putting the console into aircraft mode during the mobile play or downhilling the screen brightness .