Road to Super Saiyan Blue Broly Confirmed in Dragon Ball Super Super Hero?
Since its announcement, _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _ , has become one of the most anticipated anime films of the moment, this is due to an argument load that points to the future of the series. Therefore, with each image or trailer the emotion rises more and more, and now it is being given the opportunity to shine other characters other than _ Goku _ .

On this occasion new images were shown, in which we can see several of the warriors to make their return for this tape, but especially emphasis is made to _ piccoro _ and _ Broly _ , who could have an important role In the tape. Let us not forget that the last mentioned already had the feature film of introduction of it, now being a kind of rival.

Here the images provided by the user _ dbs Hype _ in _ Twitter _ :

In addition to seeing the protagonists, they also present us in the photos A _ Gamma 1 _ and _ Gamma 2 _ , built by the scientific nefarious known as _dr. Hedo _ . Which is a new character within history, being a kind of survivor who wants to obtain revenge towards _ Goku _ , since it destroyed the iconic _ Red Patrol _ on his day.

Originally, _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _ It was going to be released in April, but an accident with which he dealt _Toei Animation _ made it delayed. So now, Japanese cinemas will receive the work until August 2022. That means that now the entire world must wait even more to receive _ Goku _ and new account company in theaters.

Editor’s note : With each advance, fans of the series are getting more excited, something that will culminate with a box office success for this expected adaptation of the anime to the cinema. With this I wonder when it will arrive in Mexico and Latam, and also if you will do it with the dubbing that we all know very well.