Fantôme de Tsushima The horse cannot die, confirmed Sucker Punch in a recent interview providing more details on the players’ companion via PS4 exclusivity. It is a radically different approach from red dead redmption 2, where users were deeply responsible for taking care of their horse if they wanted to keep it alive.

Considering that the game will be a long enough experience for game fans based on history, this should help them not be frustrated by slowly walking in its vast locations.

Ghost of Tsushima: Jin's Horse Dies

According to artistic and creative director Jason Connell, there will be a short period of time when players will not be able to mount it when they receive a certain amount of damage, but that will not take long before starting to go up.

“Your horse is not going to die. Your horse will be afraid and will fade. You may not be able to bring them back for a brief, in short, but no one goes to combat, in gameplay, kill your horse, “said Connell. Usgamer.

“It sort of joins the theme of many other things that we do with nature. Our actor has a beautiful and sweet sensitivity for him. He cares about animals and people, and that is reflected in his performance, “he added.

Even if it may seem a little unrealistic, it is a coherent design decision fantôme de Tsushima will allow us to kill animals during the game, but will not reward users for this.

Like the wind, animals will guide players to places where they can find precious objects or improve their statistics, such as the fox, or even access missions.

Despite its efforts for such coherence, the title will not include a moral system, different from infâme as Sucker Punch wanted to tell an exact story where the narrative reasons dictate the behavior of the protagonist Jin Sakai.

Fantôme de Tsushima released on July 17 and will be the last great exclusivity PlayStation 4, to come only a month after The last of us, Part II.