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Sonic Frontiers shows its first trailer with gameplay

SEGA has published a brief fragment of gameplay of Sonic Frontiers . The video lasts only 38 seconds, and is part of Ign First, so it will precede a series of novelties that the American medium will bring from June 1 at 18:00 peninsular time. During these pieces of information, they explain that they will bring us from new revelations of gameplay exclusive to the first impressions, interviews with the creators of the game and more.

In the video we can see in action the vast of the environments of the world so that Sonic can run at full speed, and it seems that we can activate a kind of giant wheels (to the wheel of hamster) to recognize the orography of the map, although we will see What exactly will this go. As for the fighting, the trailer points to that, in addition to attacking directly, we can also inflict damage to enemies forming a trail around them, although we will also find great opponents for which we will have to go up to end them.

Sonic Frontiers appeared a year ago through a trailer that gave few clues, and it was not until the Game Awards when they announced the title officially. As indicated by IGN, the original idea of SEGA was to publish Frontiers during the past year to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the hedgehog, although the times of development did not give for it, so now it will leave with Sonic Origins.

Takashi Iizuka, producer, designer and director at the Sonic Team , declared shortly after the first teaser that he wanted to create a historical title in the franchise that will lay the foundations for the future deliveries. « Sonic Adventure sat the foundations for 20 years of Sonic titles after its launch, so in the same way I hope that this new title that will be launched in 2022 feels the foundations for the following Sonic titles: that is The challenge behind the idea for the team ». In addition, he pointed out that his plan was to do something new and challenging.

Sonic Frontiers It will be at some point in this year for Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PS4 , PS5 , Switch and *PC .

The Poke Mon Company has record indicators over the past financial year

On the Japanese portal, information appeared about the financial results of The Poké Mon Company over the past fiscal year, which ended in February 28, 2022. The company came out to earn $ 1.6 billion (¥ 204 billion), of which it amounted to $ 322 million (¥ 41 billion).

According to the General Director of Kantan Games and the analytics of the gaming industry dr. Serkan Toto (Dr. Serkan Toto), such indicators are record for The Poké Mon Company. Compared to last year, sales increased by 70.4%, operating profit by 115%, and clean-by 123%.

BIRTHDAY PARTY! Opening 300 Pokemon Packs for Charizard! (Live Stream)

Of course, these wonderful results were achieved as a result of successful releases as New Poké Mon Snap, Poké Mon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl and Poké Mon Legends: Arceus. As of March 31, 2022, the number of copies of these games sold is: 2.40 million, 14.6 million and 12.6 million, respectively.

At the end of this year, The Poké Mon Company plans to release two new main games, Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. Therefore, the current fiscal year can also be very effective for the company.

Here the new Dragon Ball Super trailer: Super Hero!

With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero just a few weeks away from its premiere in Japan, Toei Animation has released a new trailer from this expected anime tape, which gives us a very interesting look at what seems to be the final fight of this adventure.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie - Official Trailer 4 | AniTV

Although the trailer is somewhat short, Here we can see Gohan, Piccoro, Goten and Trunks join forces to defeat a mysterious villain. Next to this, you can see how a capsule is about to exploit. Recall that several rumors and theories point out that Cell would be the main antagonist of this film. This is the description of _dragon ball super: super hero: _

“The Red Patrol Army was once destroyed by Son Goku. The individuals, who continue with their spirit, have created the final androids, gamma 1 and gamma 2. These two androids call themselves ‘superheroes’. They begin to attack Piccolo and Gohan… What is the objective of the new red patrol? Given the danger that is coming, it’s time to wake up, superhero! ”

After the unfortunate hacker attack, Toei Animation delayed this film indefinitely. Fortunately, the wait was not so long, and On June 11 it will be released Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan . In related issues, here we tell you when this film will arrive in Mexico and Latin America. Similarly, this was what Dragon Ball generated last year.

Editor’s note:

This new advance looks quite interesting. Although I oppose the idea of seeing Cell in this movie, the idea of having a secret villain is something we have already seen in the past, so the question will be to see how well this secret character is implemented.

MSI announced its QD

MSI announced the MEG 342C QD-OLED monitor with Samsung matrix. Most of his characteristics are completely identical from the recent Alienware monitor, which uses exactly the same matrix. The diagonal of the screen is 34 inches, and the resolution is 3440×1440. The maximum vertical scan frequency is also 175 Hz, the maximum brightness of the-1000s, and the bend of the screen-1800R. The display received certificates of DisplayHDR1000 and Displayhdr True Black 400.

QD-OLED MSI MEG 342C Ultrawide Monitor Announced! New at Computex 2022
Coating the color range DCI-P3 in MeG 342C is 99.3%, and SRGB-139.1%. The monitor from MSI and the differences from Alienware, which consist in the set of ports and the absence of G-Sync Ultimate. MSI installed USB Type-C ports with DisplayPort mode, as well as a KVM switch and various modes for games and reduce blue glow.

The price and terms of availability for MSI MSI MEG 342C QD-OLED are not declared by the company, and therefore it remains only to wait.

V Rising Goreswine the Ravager Boss Hayd

The bloodsucker, the devastator, is a crazy cultist who may not be a man with the same success. The next leadership will show you how to put an end to the Gorswein in V Riding.

V Rising Goreswine location of the devastator

The bloodsucker is in an infected cemetery in the forests of Farbein. Think about riding a horse to cover more than the territory. Some players also managed to find a Gorswein next to the robbers camp. If the infected cemetery is empty, go to the robber camp.

Goreswine The Ravager Location V Rising

It would be better if you used an altar of blood to track bloody. You will only need to follow the smell of blood in the form of a red trace.

Recommended equipment to win over the Corsweight Elepenser in V Ringing

Bloodupan is a boss of the 27th level. You will achieve more success if the level of your equipment is near this threshold. Do not forget to have a lot of health potions for immediate healing.

You can increase the level of your equipment for this battle, taking with you a copper weapon (spear, mace, ax or sword).

You can also make an armor of a night hunter to install to increase your overall rating. In addition, the creation of a blood rose ring will further increase your chances of winning.

How to defeat the Gorswood of the devastator in V Riding

If you have already dealt with Kili, an ice rack, a bloodsucker will be a little familiar.

The bloodsucker primarily causes damage from the poison. If you get in, you will lose health over time. The boss can cause poisonous explosions to spread toxins in the region.

You must be quick because you will not have any other choice, except to move in poisonous areas in the arena. Veil of Blood is useful here.

Near-fight attacks are recommended to prefer distant attacks. An attempt to get closer is fraught with the risk of poisoning. Therefore, hold on a safe distance and launch your long attacks to kill it.

Also note that Gorsvin will have skeletons that you must kill first, otherwise they will become an obstacle during the battle.

To restore health, it is recommended to take ointment from parasites.

V Rising Goreswine The Ravager Boss Awards

After you defeat the Gorswein, you will be rewarded with the following objects:

  • Abilities: an explosion of a corpse, a bone curtain.
  • Recipes: grave, call and ghoul call

The Sonic The Hedgehog 2 special characteristics clip is all on queues (exclusive)

Seic The hedgehog 2 is officially scheduled to launch digitally tomorrow, May 24, in addition to joining the Paramount+Transmission Service. The digital entertainment launch for the home will have almost an hour of additional characteristics, and has received an exclusive clip of one of the special features on how to bring Tails, Sonic’s best friend for a long time, to the franchise Cinematographic

“He idolatra so much to Sonic,” says Colleen O’Shaughnessey, the voice of Tails in Ssic the hedgehog 2 and elsewhere, in the clip, “so being able to enter and help him in some way is like, ‘Go, of no way! Really, me? Are you kidding?'”

You can see the complete clip from the Seic the hedgehog 2 Special features for you embedded above.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Exclusive Extended Scene Clip (2022) Ben Schwartz, Jim Carrey

“There is a lot of material and emotion there because they really have a deep bond, and from the first minute they know each other, you can say that they will be the best friends,” he says. Seic the hedgehog 2 Director Jeff Fowler in the clip. «Listening to Colleen’s interpretation in Tails seemed perfect to me. Is incredible. Meet the character inside and out, so she could come the first day and give us really great things.

SONIC The hedgehog 2 is officially configured to join the Paramount+ Tomorrow Transmission Service, May 24. In addition, the sequel will be available to digitally buy that same day with a complete physical launch in domestic media in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on August 9. That includes a collection of two films with the original movie and the sequel. The sequel sees the return of the main actors such as Ben Schwartz as the voice of the homonymous hedgehog, James Marsden as Tom Wachowski, a police officer who is friends with Sonic, and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, the classic villain and scientist of the franchise. as Idris Elba as the voice of Knuckles and Colleen O’Shaughnessey as the voice of thousands “Tails” ProWer. You can consult all our previous coverage of the Seic the hedgehog continuation of the movie here.

What do you think about Seic the hedgehog 2 Clip of special features all about tails? Are you eager to see the rest of the special characteristics? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter at @Rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games and movies!

Ilon Musk finally passed Elden Ring

Ilon Musk decided to work out the RP manager of the FROM Software studio. In his Twitter account, a genius, a billionaire, philanthropist, and someday the conqueror of Mars wrote a laudatory message about the last creation of Hidetaki Miyazaki-a super-adjusting action-RPG Elden Ring.


“Elden Ring, tested in its entirety, is the most beautiful art that I have ever seen.”

This probably means that Comrade Musk passed the game and decided to share his emotions. Naturally, such a loud statement could not go unnoticed by the community. The post has already received more than 155 thousand “likes” and 12.6 retweets.

By the way, last week, Elden Ring lost to Steam vampire cooperative action V Rising. Perhaps such support from Ilon will return the game to the first place.

It happened! In the Steam sales chart, the new leader is V Riding

V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain Boss Guide

Octavian, the captain of the militia, is a boss of the 58th level and a strong close combat fighter. The next leadership will help you track down and destroy Octavian, the captain of the militia in V Rising.

V ascending Octavian, captain of the militia location

Octavian can be found in the Danly bastion, north of the Danley farm. Like other bloody bosses, you can track Octavian through the blood altar, and the trace will lead you directly to his whereabouts.

There are groups of mobs throughout the Bastion, as well as inside the room with the boss. You can easily kill this mob without activating the boss.

There is a minimum shadow in the boss room, so it is recommended to deal with it at night.

Recommended equipment to win the captain of the Octavian militia in V Riding

There are two things that you need to have if you have good chances to defeat Octavian.

  • You need to have several therapeutic objects to meet him face to face.
  • You will need a couple of healing and protective spells to protect yourself from its strong attacks and heal the chance that you have.

How to defeat the police captain of Octavian in V Riding

For this, the distance is recommended, but it can rush at you if you are not careful. In total, Octavian uses five types of attacks.

As soon as you fight him, in the beginning he will mainly use two basic attacks, one of which on top which affects the enemies in front of him and shoots a shell of a rolling sword. If this shell amazes you, you will be stunned.

The second basic attack that he uses is horizontal oblique feature which hits him, throwing back and releases four rotating swords that cause damage and discard.

When the boss loses a little HP, he will begin to call militia long archer what will be a problem later, so it is first recommended to deal with them.

Octavian The Militia Captain | V Rising Basic Boss Guides (#22)
He also shouts which causes casting damage, and then commits the subsequent attack, attacking you. If he gets into you, he will inflict significant damage.

Finally, Octavian has ultimate ability in which he will begin to rotate and throw rotating swords in all directions, causing huge damage. It is best to run around than engage in battle with him. It will use this ability several times, so you must be careful with this.

V Rising Octavian the Militation Captain Boss Rewards

After you defeat Octavian, the captain of the militia, the next booty will fall out of it.

  • Mirror blow, vampire power
  • The structure of the anvil
  • Recipe for creating a pick of dark silver
  • Recipe for regalia of a dawn spike
  • Recipe for creating weapons from dark silver

Grampus, Sandbox with NFT-Meta Ecosystem Official Partnership

The Grampus (CEO Kim Ji -in), who developed ‘My Little Chef’ and ‘Cooking Adventure’ and is directly serviced as a global market, signed an official partnership with Sandbox Network (CEO Lee Pil -sung) for the NFT and Meta ecosystem. )

Gram Perth is a company that produces great achievements in the casual cooking simulation game market, including 25 million downloads worldwide.The recently, Sandbox Network and NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN) project joint development and creator-based meta platform By adding a gaming partnership to build an ecosystem, we have been able to expand to expand the ecosystem.

Sandbox Network is a representative digital entertainment company in the MCN industry, and more than 450 teams have been recognized for their influence in various fields such as Dotty, Yoo Byung -jae, Jonathan, Choi Hee, Schuka Is a media group belonging. Recently, based on the creator network, the company has expanded its own production capabilities and various related businesses to Web3 (Web3, Decentralized/Decentralized next -generation network). The company is focusing on creating and distributing original content that satisfies various tastes as much as various viewers, and is carrying out related businesses based on foundation technology.

How to make Sandbox NFT'S (NO CODING REQUIRED) #sandbox
Gram Perth, which has partnered with the Sandbox Network, will unveil the ecosystem through various NFT projects and contents based on creators through its own IP (Intellectual Property Rights) and new works to be released. In addition, the cooperative relationship between the sandbox network and the grampus is expanded, and the platform ecosystem is built together through the contact point in the common area of the game, and then creators -based commerce, in -game NFT content and self -game meta platform service It will be introduced sequentially from a quarter.

“This partnership with the creators is based on the intellectual property of the creators,” said Han Jang and Web 3 Business Executive Vice President of Sandbox Network, which is more powerful to the game, NFT, and methus ecosystem through partnerships with Gram Perth. “We will do our best to build a virtuous cycle ecosystem based on the influence of creators in Web3, as an opportunity to expand the scope of the game.” Kim Ji -in, CEO of Grampus, said, “We will work closely and develop with Sandbox Network to create a virtuous cycle between the methus environment including the game and the creator based on the development and operation of the gramus.”

Beginning with this partnership, the two companies plan to maximize the added value of creator intellectual property rights in the link between the creator and the game. Gram Perth will continue to discover partnerships that can strengthen their breathing with casual gamers in the future, and continue to establish connections with various projects to develop into a new media meta -media platform company.

EazyE reached level 99 in Diablo 2 Resurrected in hardcore Mode

Diablo 2 Resurrected is a service that aims to provide new content to Diablo II players by allowing them to challenge other players in ladder matches or join another challenger in coop with our matchmaking system. Here, players will face off against the world’s strongest Hardcore and Softcore characters, with tournaments acting as the method for progression through brackets.

It all began when I was eight years old and obsessing over Diablo I. As time went on, an idea to rekindle my interest in Diablo II came about. After investing one of the better parts of my life for this project (and after being offered $2 million from a few interested parties), I decided that no price was too high and promptly walked away from the deal. Still, it would eventually take about ten years before Diablo II Resurrected saw a release under my label.

The first person in Diablo 2 Resurrected to reach the maximum level of Hardcore Experience (during the recently introduced Season 1 of Brackets).

The hardcore versions – like in Path of Exile or Diablo 3 – rely on the fact that the player has only one life per character. When we die … the fun ends, and we have to start over.

This is probably why our hero chose the Paladin class, which is the safest choice and very difficult to kill.

Season 1 of Diablo 2 Resurrected started on April 28, so it took “EazyE” roughly a month of regular play to reach lvl 99 (we don’t have exact data because “EazyE” is not an active streamer).

It is worth adding, however, that this hardcore feat would not be possible without the support of colleagues. Without them, “EazyE” couldn’t have reached level 99 in such a short time.

Their tactic was to:
Two players go to act I to search for Exp Shrine (+ 50% to experience gained) and open two portals here

Several players go to the Sanctuary of Chaos in Act IV and open 4 of the five seals, 3 of which must necessarily summon elite opponents, which they kill without EazyE’s participation – Then Lifty himself opens the last fifth seal, gathering Diablo and kills him alone, gaining all experience.

Several players go to the Throne of Destruction in Act V and remove 3 of the five waves of enemies, leaving the last fourth and fifth for Lifty’s experience, and then go with him to kill Baal.

In his spare time, while other players are busy hunting / killing monsters, Lifty himself and a few other players are looking for Niljatak (Sale Vought, Act V), Summoner (Magic Haven, Act II), and Countess (Tower). Basement: level 5, Act I) to get the keys that unlock the Uber Tristram event.

The last percentages for level 99 were achieved by killing Uber-Diablo, Uber-Baal, and Uber-Mephisto.

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