NEW Sega Genesis Come to Switch Online! Sonic Spinball, Shining Force II, & Space Harrier II!

After having offered us 3 games from the NES and Super NES catalog last month, Nintendo resumes its good old habits and announces the arrival of three new titles from the Megadrive era. In a carefully packaged trailer, we discover Shining Force 2 is part of this selection, he who enjoys an extreme popularity coast with RPG lovers. By his side, there is also Sonic Pinball which is a slightly special pinball game since Sonic, which acts as a ball, can stand up to go to reach difficult access to the Flipper table. And finally, the last game is a classic from Classic, since it is Space Harrier II, with its revolutionary view at the time with its gameplay that is both precise and effective. As usual, to enjoy these 3 titles, you must of course be subscribed to the additional package pack of the Nintendo Switch Onlin subscription. His price ? € 39.99 per year and € 69.99 per year for its family version.