In Lost Ark a huge amount of content that can be experienced and a new one is added periodically. This includes new Super Express missions that have been added to the game. It can make you wonder how to unlock the SUPER Express missions in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark - Super Express Mission Event - Everything you Need to Know! Don't Mess this Up!

To unlock the SUPER Express missions in Lost Ark, you just need to have the level of the 50th level and not exceeded the level of force 1000 . You automatically unlock the superexpress mission if you complete these two requirements.

How to Start Missing Super Express in Lost Ark

To start the Super Express missions in Lost Ark, you just need log in as a level of level 50 and less than 1000 strength level . After logging into the system, the Super Express Missions pop-up window will welcome, and you offered to choose a character make them. It is worth noting that only one character in the list can perform superexpress missions, so think carefully what of whom you choose!

The Super Express missions are divided into four sets of tasks. This includes North Verne, Roendel, Yorn and Feiton. Superxpress missions are available until June 30, 2022.

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