Legado de Hogwarts The developer of Avalanche Software is very aware that fanatics want to kill people with their wands. Although Harry Potter’s books and films are often considered pure stories for children, they are exceptionally dark. It is a child who witnesses how a corrupt magician kills him from him in front of him and sends them to live with the abusive relatives of him. Eventually, they send it to a school of magicians where they are repeatedly involved in violent events that eventually lead him to help lead an army to fight against the aforementioned corrupt magician. Basically, there are many murders in these children’s books! The fans expect to have that kind of power in the next Legado of Hogwarts game.

In a new tuit, the Twitter of the Legacy of Hogwarts acknowledged that fans want to launch an “unforgivable curse”. It is likely that this makes reference to Kedavra Avada spell, which is also known as the murderous curse. Unlike many other spells in the magic world that simply mutilate or have some other generally non-lethal effect, the murderous curse immediately kills its goal. With Legado de Hogwarts announcing as a role game in which you can be bad or good, it makes sense that the developer includes the spell that is closely associated with darkness. It remains to be seen if Avada Kedavra could be used freely and if a player could kill all the enemies he finds. It is possible that it is limited to key moments of history or a limited power so that the players do not leave a great trace of bodies behind them.

The spell is already confirmed for the game, since the recent one of Hogwarts_ The progress of the game showed the protagonist using it in combat. The game is expected to have enough freedom for the player and it looks like a dream game for Harry Potter fans. Only time will tell if you are up to the bar that fans have put on.

Legado de Hogwarts is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Nintendo Switch this Christmas season. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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