If he has experienced a difficult early month with a hacking of his servers, the Toei studio seems to leave. This shows the recovery of the diffusion of the episodes of One Piece, but also the new release date he gave yesterday about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.


TOEI momentarily paralyzed

At the beginning of March, we learned that the TOO had suffered hacking. More specifically, it was an involuntary intrusion that was questioned and the animation studio had decided to prioritize the survey on this cyberattack. Therefore, the production of animated has been highly disturbed: one piece or dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai have seen old episodes are broadcast instead of the new. Consequences that also touched the Film dragon Ball Super: Super Hero whose release was then postponed at an unknown date.

Last week, Toei Animation announces having resumed its usual broadcast program and indicates in a tweet that Episode 1014 of One Piece will be broadcast on April 17 . And it was necessary to wait until yesterday to have news of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: By republishing a trailer of the movie already broadcast before (and present in the header of this article), TOEI updated the date of the film.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: the release date

Initially expected on April 22 in Japan, it is now on June 11, 2022 that Super Super: Super Hero_ will be broadcast in Japanese obscure rooms. A film that reminds it, puts forward Gohan. The latter is on mission to save his daughter, kidnapped by members of red ribbon. This army is the most fear on earth and is one of the iconic wicked of the saga. A trailer that makes Piccolo, Goten and Trunks, who will also have to be of the game.

What about an exit in France? For the moment, nothing very precise: no release date has been communicated. On the other hand, we know that an international exit is planned for the summer of 2022 . A small output window that is finally not so far that it for the hex, even if we will wait for a clearer release date to start getting excited.


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