Gearbox Software has delivered an update to apply a hotfix to “ Wonderland-Tiny Tina and Magical World “.

According to the published hotfix note, version, adjustment of weapons that could not be obtained in bugs and adjustment of visibility improvement of customization items. Weekly events and “Chaos chamber” are also updating the “feature run” seed value that all users challenge fixed seed values.

In addition, balance adjustment for some weapons and skills is also conducted. While adjustment is made that can be reinforced, such as the increase in damage amount given for weapons such as sniper rifle or some magic, while it has been conducted, the Legendary Pistol “Master Work Hand Bow” and “Liquid Cooling” etc. Damaged Development of weakening such as scaling decreases is d1. In addition, for the skills “Oour” of crowbringer, adjustment that the resulting buff effect is not rising at a constant rate, and adjustment is also performed to be properly adjusted.

Patch not translation is as follows. Please check the official site (linked English) for all changes in