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\ – Supercat in progress in ZEP first large-scale recruitment scheme, ‘ZEP’, ‘Supercat RPG’ also participated

** \ – Actual Super Cat Office Matabase, Greetings, Career, Message Representatives, Medical Interview, etc.

** \ – Provide the adoption of the adoption of the briefing session, Super Cat pleasant,

Super Cat said on the 28th of its metabus recruitment scheme ‘Super Career Talk’, and announced that it is advance reservation from today (15th).

Supercat established a ZEP with Naver Jet and a joint venture, and has established a supercat RPG on the outpatient base for mobile RPG development, while the supercat RPG was established on the development of Mobile RPG, We are focusing on the attention of the world, such as concluding the publishing agreement of Project G> Nexon.

The ‘Super Career Talk’ shares adoption information such as a large-scale metabus recruitment scheme, supercat, ZEP, and Supercat RPG, which will first proceed through ZEP, a metaverse platform..

The metabus space is implements the Supercat Office as it is, and it is capable of talking to the NPC placed in the NPC, which adds fun to the company, while visiting the company indirectly and experiencing it.

We plan to explore a monotonous recruitment scheme with mini-games and lottery events that have a mini game with supercat, and a pleasant emotion of supercat.

In particular, it is expected that the enthusiasm of talented people in the form of employment to provide a gas on the documents before supporting the adoption of the recruitment scheme.

The recruitment scheme will be held at ZEP from 10 am to 4:30 pm on April 28, and participated in advance reservations by 27th, will deliver recruitment briefing links with emails and text messages before the event. If you participate in the recruitment scheme after pre-reservation, we will pay the Welcome Drink Gifticon by creating a counseling card and guestbook.

The Supercat People Team Nam Ji-young Team Leader said, “As a result of the first large recruitment assignee, the applicants will be ready to know the interior of Supercat and a pleasant atmosphere.” I want to participate in many of the applicants who are interested in the casual and colored game development of Supercatman. “

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For more information on metaverse recruitment briefing sessions ‘Super Career Talk’, you can see the Supercat Official Homepage and Dictionary Reservation homepage.