Despite all the problems that has had _ cyberpunk 2077 _, the most recent work of CD Projekt Network is a success. Thanks to the results of the annual income of the European company, the number of copies that this title has been sold since its launch in December 2020.

According to CD Projekt Network, more than 18 million units of cyberpunk 2077 have been sold in a period of just over a year . Considering that you are still working on several pay expansions, and the company is not intended to leave this title for the time being, it is very likely that this number increases as time passes. However, remember that during the launch of this title were sold about 14 million units. This means that over 2021 only four million moved.

Along with this, similar data from The Witcher’s series have been revealed. At this point, CD Projekt Red has mentioned that more than 65 million units of the series starred in Geralt of Rivia have been sold. From this, already impressive number, more than 40 million copies correspond only to _The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt _ .

Taking into account that the version of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S from The Witcher 3 is still on the way, would not be a surprise to listen in a couple of months that this number increases considerably . Without a doubt, great news for a company that confronted a 2021 quite complicated.

On related topics, it has been revealed that the new generation version of The Witcher 3 has been delayed again. Similarly, CD Projekt Red ensures that we will see expansions of cyberpunk 2077.

An Update on Cyberpunk 2077’s Future

Editor’s note:

These are very good news for CD Projekt Red. Although Cyberpunk 2077 was not the game that many expected, the company did not abandon this title, and the new generation version is very similar to that many wanted to see in December 2020.