The Japanese Software announced that the “Grimglimore” remastered title “ Grim Grimore Oncemore ” was released on July 28, 2022, with the PlayStation4 / Nintendose switch. A promotion movie has been published to introduce the game content.

“Grimogrimore” is to solve the mystery to avoid masturbies that are invited to magic schools who can only admit excellent magic talents Struggle Magic Fantasy RTS (Real Time Simulation). Vanillaware was in charge of development and was released from Japan Software in 2007.

In the remastered version, the Visual that has been depicted and densely drawn is more clear. It is said that the board of the magic match is easy to understand, for which the screen ratio has become wide. In addition, four types of “large magic” that can be used during combat are newly implemented. In addition, a mission (task) is set separately from the victory conditions of each stage, and it is possible to enhance the magic or magic using coins that can be acquired by achieving the task.

Added “Gallery” function that can be viewed for illustrations produced for “Grimogrimore” and “Grim Grimore Oncemore”. A total of 90 or more illustrations with Vanillaware production staff are covered. In addition, the battle and drama part “fast-forward” function and “Save in battle” function are also added, and it is easier to play at your own pace.

Voices in the game are all newly recorded. The original version is renewed from the original version. Lily and her fellow voices have been added while fighting not only drama parts.

Lille Brow (CV: Saeki Kaike)
Margarita Frozen (CV: Hanai Mitsu)
Gammel Drusque (CV: Seki Yuma)
Advocert (CV: Tezuka Hiromi)

“Grim Grimore Oncemore” is scheduled to be released on July 28, 2022 with PS4 / Nintendose switch. Package version, download version is also 5,478 yen.