SEGA has shared more details about your “super game” through an interview with Shuji Utsumi , its vice president, published on its official website. According to the text, “super game” is the name of an expensive five-year plan by which the company will develop several triple titles using a wide range of growing technologies and mixing the skills of their different divisions, from hardware until the arcade: “Several titles are being developed within this” super game “plan, while they can be very different between them, there is no doubt that they will be interactive titles that go beyond what is considered the traditional framework of the games”.

UTSUMI explains that, for example, in recent years “see” games, and not just play them directly, it has become something with cultural relevance: “I think there is a great potential in the relationship between people who sees games and that It plays them. We are thinking about developing new entertainment with those possibilities ». As detailed in the interview, a “super game” that lace within the SEGA plan must have four criteria; Being multiplatform, developing in several languages, having a global launch and fit within the Triple A category. «In other words, how you can imagine, the development scale will be that of a global superproduction». Since the company have clarified that two key technologies within this plan will be the NFTS and the game in the cloud. According to those responsible, their idea goes by making interconnected games through this type of proposals that define as “a natural extension of the future of videogames”.

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The “Super Game” plan of SEGA we met through its latest financial report, a document that detailed a budget of 882 million and an alliance with other companies such as Microsoft to attract a global audience: “The way in which the people interact with the games are getting more diverse and the ecosystem is growing exponentially, “could read in the document,” In this context, Sega wants to go beyond the limits of conventional games and accept the challenge of creating super Games that excite the community of gamers ».