The Los Angeles Lakers have no chance on the playoffs. Without the injured superstar LeBron James lost the record champion on Tuesday evening (local time) 110: 121 at leader Phoenix Suns. Because the San Antonio Spurs had previously recovered 116: 97 among Denver Nuggets, the Lakers can no longer catch up with the residue in ten in the remaining three games of the main round.

Trainer Frank Vogel then showed “extremely disappointed,” but emphasized his again and again of injuries starred star ensemble have given everything to the end and not hound. “We put all the work into it,” said bird, “it just was not enough for us in an annexed season.” Routinier Carmelo Anthony supplemented: “Some things we could control, some not. There are no excuses, we just did not make it.”

The Spurs is now safe against the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of mini qualification. It is about one of the last two playoff places in the Western Conference of the best basketball league in the world.

Utah make participation in the play-offs perfect

The Utah Jazz made with the 121: 115 against the Memphis Grizzlies the participation in the playoffs perfect. Open in the West, whether Denver can defend his direct playoff place or the Minnesota Timberwolves still pass past the sixth rank.

In the Eastern Conference, on the other hand, only placement questions are open without impact on participation in the qualification. The Chicago Bulls secured the last direct ticket to the playoffs despite the 106: 127 defeat against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Cleveland Cavaliers must, on the other hand, due to the 115: 120 defeat against the Orlando Magic in the so-called play-in. Franz Wagner gave his comback for the Magic after his first missed NBA game this season, but stopped again after less than seven minutes because of his injury at the ankle. His brother Moritz Wagner came to 15 points.

The Miami Heat strengthened its top spot in the east by a 144: 115 against the Charlotte Hornets. Two rank it stay tight. The Boston Celtics, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers are each at 49 wins and 30 defeats. At the 131: 122 of the 76ers against the Indiana Pacers Joel Embiid had an outstanding evening with 45 points and 13 rebounds again and advertising in our own thing for the award to the most valuable player.

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These teams are for the play-offs and the play-in tournament.