The Los Angeles Lakers have missed the NBA playoffs – a blam for superstar LeBron James and the glamor franchise, which could cheer the title two years ago. What consequences should this messed season be pulled down?

The regular season runs until Sunday, but already it is certain: The Los Angeles Lakers will not be able to create it in the playoffs. Not even the play-in was the team good enough – despite Lebron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook.

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Sure, the team had been fighting with injuries this season, but still the current balance sheet of 31 wins and 48 defeats after the defeat against Phoenix Suns in the night on Wednesday is a revealing 1. And: The Lakers Disaster is a failure with announcement.

We want to know of you: What should the Lakers in the offseason company? A new start with the current stars? Should one go about it – or every three? Or are the culprits to look rather in coaching? App users please here.

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