Are you still remembering the sloping Show Takeshi’s Castle, in which a group of participants mostly tried in vain to master a trucking and obstacles to the courcoaches, to conquer the castle of Takeshi in the end? In the afternoon program of a German sportsender, the Slapstick entertainment mainly made the young audience for a lot of joy, and many spectators wondered: Who is actually this Takeshi?

Takeshi Terauchi - Nambuzaka Yuki No Wakare

A real celebrity

At Takeshi Kitano, also known under his artist name Beat Takeshi, is one of the largest and most popular stars in Japan. Internationally, the comedian and actor did not just gained through Takeshi’s Castle Celebrity, for the movie Hana-Bi, where Kitano played the lead role, directed, and wrased the turning break, he received the Golden Lion at the Film Festival of Venice. At Ghost in The Shell (2017) he played next to Scarlett Johansson, in Battle Royale, the filming of the Roman’s eponymous, convinced Kitano in the role as a sadistic teacher. Today, Battle Royale is probably known primarily as a genre in which player compete against each other in an ever-smaller arena until the winner is established – just like in the literary template.

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At Takeshi No Chouseenjou, Promi Takeshi Kitano was the idea of the ideas and not merbant for the cover – the first time in the history of video games! Originally, the adventure should actually only be a virtual implementation of Takeshi’s Castle. Kitano but had other plans, Taito rang and convinced the team to give him the design.

Therefore, we do not run here on loose tread stones in water trenches, switches as oversized bowling pins disguise balls or try to find the right way in the midst of a labyrinth of doors. Instead, we sing karaoke, beat old men, looking for a sweetheart and let our wife divide. Many other Ideas Kitanos could not be implemented, on the one hand because of the hardware restrictions of the platform, on the other, because a sale of children would not have been possible.

Sturned or awesome?

However, this positive view of Takeshi No Chouseenjou is a modern appearance, at that time you considered the title much more critical. As Kuso-Gē, it was described in the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, which is otherwise more known to miss even failed software gracious ratings. The term consists of the Japanese words Kuso for Mist and Gemu for Game, so game.

How many have experienced the end of Takeshi No Chouseenjou among the buyers? Probably the fewest. Already on the packing are warnings, just not deal with healthy sense to the adventure, and that conventional gaming capabilities are absolutely useless. If you play Takeshi No Chouseenjou yourself, it quickly becomes clear that the promo text corresponds to the truth. We allow: Our summary of Story and Gameplay in Takeshi No Chouseenjou.

out of everyday life

Takeshi is an employee in a Japanese city, has women and children. He wants to break out of his corset of obligations and become treasure hunters, that sounds like Midlife Crisis, and we should help him. Takeshi No Chouseenjou is played from the side view, Takeshi can jump, duck, walk, with the fists to hit themselves and make various decisions and lead conversations.

So it is a classic action adventure. But in turn: In order to realize his dream, Takeshi must first get rid of annoying responsibility, such as the wife and offspring. Since such a divorce is expensive, a walkthrough for Takeshi No Chousejou recommends that the first plot in the adventure to go to the bank and dissolve the account to protect the coal from accessing the future ex-wife. The zaster is invested in the nearest bar, where alcohol flows until Takeshi black is in mind.

Important decisions

Somehow, Takeshi probably made home where children and wife react aggressively.
The perfect opportunity to put the cards as well as divorce papers on the table, still to take some money to the lucky ex-woman and to go to work to put the termination there and make the last salary.
Free of burdens like family and job Takeshi are now available to various occupations.
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