Great surfing pleasure for small money

18 Gigabyte data volume with a download speed of up to 50 Mbit / s – and that for just 9.99 euros: This strong tariff offer is currently available at Klarmobil. The LTE Allnet-Flat is usually offered for 24.99 euros, you will save them in comparison to whopping 60 percent per month.

40 GB LTE Allnet FLAT für 18,99 Euro im O2-Netz

You can surf with 18 gigabytes data volume in the LTE network of Vodafone – you are here with a speed of up to 50 Mbps in the download. Thus, you should not only use simple applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram properly, but also streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime run safely running. When the 18 gigabytes are used up, surf the Internet at a speed of 32 kbit / s.

Likewise carefree, you can be with regard to phone calls and SMS – a flatrate in all German networks is also on board beside EU roaming.

Large data volume for a short time at Klarmobil

Collective bargaining: 18 GB Allnet Flat for only 9.99 euros