With sonic the hedgehog 2 now everywhere in theaters, people can finally talk about what happened in the movie, which happened at the end and what happened after the end. It is in that last part in which we will focus here, since we have already confirmed that, in fact, there is a scene after the credits, and it is likely that Sonic fanatics are excited, since it means that another character of the universe of Sonic is ready to join the series in the next movie.

SONIC 2 Ending Explained | Easter Eggs, Things You Missed Post Credits Scene Breakdown And Review
Spoiler Warning: Great Spoilers of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 There are beyond this warning.

At the end of sonic the hedgehog 2 and after the credits spend some time, they invite us to a scene in which military personnel talks about files that insinuate the existence of a secret laboratory that apparently exists for 50 years more or less. While they talk about that and an even more secret project that is inside, we see a quick shot of no less than Shadow the Hedgehog, the Sonic antagonist sensible seen occasionally in different means over the years.

Who is Shadow the Hedgehog?

Shadow is quite recognizable as Sonic, with the first looking a red, black and white aspect against Sonic’s blue, but how do you fit into the story? That reference to 50 years was not just a coincidence, since Shadow was created by Gerald Robotnik, Jim Carrey’s grandfather who we see in Sonic’s films, and was released 50 years later by the young Robotnik. Shadow was meant to be the “definitive way of life” and worked rightly under the key name “Shadow Project” referred to in the most recent film.

Regarding him behavior, Shadow is much more determined and serious compared to Sonic and even compared to Knuckles, who is serious but sometimes seems a little silly in the new movie since he is in an unknown territory. Just as Knuckles finally become a friend of Sonic and Tails, Knuckles historically have reached a truce with Sonic and company, even if they do not always agree with the methods of him.

Shadow has appeared in a couple of games over the years, but many can remember him from the independent game of him. Mathero the hedgehog game launched in 2005. This game showed a much darker version of the Sonic franchise, where Shadow wore pistols and other weapons and even cursed from time to time. It remains to be seen how he will be portrayed in the next movie, but it is likely that we see some of these more serious elements transferred at least.

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