To make Legendary Blanks in WoW: Shadowlands more affordable, the developers have already increased the drop chance of the legendary resource ProGenitoressentia and the other required materials for ITemlevel-291 blanks. In addition, the rank-1 legendary blanks were recently to a meaningful item for the manufacturing professions . With patch 9.2.5, the legendary will probably become more affordable, because the developers go one step further and you can buy with the patch progoritoressentia with anima as well as staff signs of the temporary – at least that’s the case on the WOW test server.

HUGE Changes in Patch 9.2.5 - Purchase Raid Gear FROM A VENDOR And Upgrade It!
The NPC Tu’kol in Oribos offers PROGENORSTIA for 25,000 anima. This is a proud price, but most players hardly use with their main character at this time in the extension anyway for Anima, which is stacked in the resource tab.

More options for treasury consolation price

Optionally, you can buy PROGENORSTEIA for three temporary signs of the document * at NPC Ko’tul (directly next to Tu’kol). Staff sign are the consolation price you can choose in the big treasury. Already in patch 9.2 you have more possibilities to be able to spend the user signs sensibly, for example for gold bags, account-bound glory levels or resource bags for * the protoform synthesis .

You can get a maximum of six staff signs from the main treasure chamber per ID. How many you get depends on how many slots have occupied you in the treasury. This will make the price for ProGenitoressentia again clearly. You will have to wait if you make more gold from the golds bag or auction house with the legendary resource in the future. How do you find this change?

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