Developer’s Siactro announced on April 6th, 3D action game “ Super Kiwi 64 “. Corresponding platform is PC and abroad Nintendo Switch.

“Super Kiwi 64” is a 90’s retro game style action game. The main character is a round-cool brown bird kiwi. The player manipulates KIWI and proceeds to the priority by collecting items on the stage. A large number of coins such as gears are seen on the stage, which falls under the collection element in this work.

As the basic action of KIWI, jumps and glides exist. It seems that there is a turbo using the back gadget, or the wing can be developed to be able to take a slip. In addition, it seems that you also show acrobats such as coke skull attack. In the trailer, techniques such as jumping attacks after jumping. By using these actions, there may be a scene where you can obtain items in a place that can not be reached. In addition, KIWI can be pasted on almost all walls and can be climb. It seems that you can climb various walls and open the road.

RETRO RAGE: Super Adventure Island!

The level (stage) in this work can be played in the order of the player. From the trailer, a large number of locations can be confirmed, such as a green rich natural stage or a stage such as a dungeon, such as an impressive artificial stage, a dim dungeon. In this work, it seems that ending can be reached without capturing all levels.

The development of “Super Kiwi 64” is the siactro of Indie Belopper. He is good at developing a 90’s wind game, and is also available for the first playerStation style 3D action game “TOREE 3D”. In addition, “KIWI 64” that became the prototype of “Super Kiwi 64” is also free to purchase with any amount. People who are worried will be good to play from here.

“Super Kiwi 64” is scheduled to be released 2022 for PC (STeam) and abroad Nintendo Switch.