As in any other game Weird West, you will also need money to go through the game smoothly. There are different ways to earn a good amount of money in Weird West. In this guide you will find tips on rapid money making money in Weird West.

Tips for growing rapid money on WEIRD WEST

Below you will find tips on rapid money making money in Weird West.

Sale of Barachla

One of the fastest ways to make money in the strange west – to sell your junction in a universal store in Grakel. Thus, you will quickly earn money and get rid of useless items. This will free your inventory for useful items.

Contracts for head hunting

Another way to earn good money is to conclude head hunting contracts. The execution of these contracts will also help increase your reputation.

Sale of nuggets and bars

You can visit the bank in Grakele, and there you will find the buyer of ore, Carol Lozano. You can sell her copper, gold and silver bars and nuggets for good money. Money you can get for them can be seen in the list below.

  • Golden Brochock: 45 dollars
  • Gold nugget: 15 dollars.
  • Silver ingot: $ 30
  • Silver nugget: 10 dollars.
  • Copper ingot: 15 dollars.
  • Copper nugget: $ 5

Increase your reputation

Raising reputation is not a way of earning, but it will help you to receive items at lower prices. So you will save good money.

Perk merchant

You can invest in the “Trader” bonus to reduce prices for service charges and in stores. You must invest gold ace of peak in this privilege to reduce prices. There are three Haggler levels that can be seen below.

  • 1st level: Prices in the store and fees for services are reduced by 5%.
  • 2nd level: prices stores and services fee reduced by 12%.
  • Final level: prices in stores and services fee reduced by 30%.

You can buy goods at discounted prices and sell them at higher prices to quickly make money.


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Hacking various buildings and shops can also help you quickly earn some money. You can rob various items from there, and then sell these items for money.

Sale of objects

You can collect various items, such as clothing, medicines, weapons, etc. After that, you can sell them in the appropriate store to quickly make money in the strange west.