Techland Reveals HUGE DETAILS About The New DLC For Dying Light 2, New Content Drops & More

The zombies will never die, both in the biological nature and in the thematic direction. Dying Light is an excellent example of the longevity of the Zombie plague. Six years after his exit, we are waiting for the launch of his suite and now Techland sends more content. Holy Moly. The only thing I can think is the last DLC Borderlands 2 that will come out 8 years after the main game. The zombies are always there, but the Vikings are another thing that seems to be a trend. It may be a coincidence, but we have games like God of War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Valheim, who all have a strong presence of Nordic mythology and viking imaging. Why not have a DLC Dying Light Viking?

Yes, it seems that the path to the future is in the past. The previous DLC Dying Light Hellraid Previous was an adventure of knights and skeletons and now the Vikings have a ride. In a strange turn of events, Harran is visited by real vikings. They bring “new” weapons; The ax with two hands Ragnarok, the ax with one hand The Aesir, as well as a shield Asgard’s Protector. A new variant of Buggy Viking called Reinen will also be added.

Players will be able to add fire damage to these new weapons, shields and buggy included. Those who purchase this DLC will also receive two outfits Bjorn The Warrior and Bjorn The Berserker. Dying Light – Viking: Raiders of Harran is now available. Dying Light is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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