Mojang started the latest updates for “ Sonic the Hedgehog DLC ” for Sega and GameMode One, “ Main Craft “.

Sonic The Hedge Hog DLC” is delivered in June 2021. “Sonic The Hedge Hog” is a DLC produced in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Boxel, can play search and fast actions while enjoying the stages and characters that have been reproduced in the voxel world.

This update has a new stage that reproduces “Labyrinth Zone”. A new mission for finding chaos emeralds is also added within the stage where various traps and obstacles are listened. Also, about 24 types of things so far, six new character skins are added.

Content for “Mine Craft” “Sonic The Hedge Hog DLC” is sold at 930 yen / 1,340 mine coin in Marketplace. A “Knuckles T-shirt” is also available from the changing room in the game for a limited time from April 6th to June 4, 2022. In addition, you need the latest Bedrock version that can access Marketplace.