Fila USA is a ‘Sonic shoes’, which launched as a film history paramount and collaboration prior to the opening of the

From the beginning of the game series to , the main character’s shoe design is mainly maintaining a simple basic form of a white strip on the red background.

This product in the Fila USA is a form that grafted these Sonic’s unique shoes design into the ‘Ray Tracer Ivory’ brand. Mesh material was used, and Midol is an explanation that the Energizard cushion, which is the self-contained material of the Fila was applied.

Since the Fila USA began promoting the product, the local sales is $ 110 (about 133,000 won) since March 31. As of April 5th, it is not possible to purchase all dimensions through the official purchase page. The prepared quantity is assumed to be sold out.

Meanwhile, Fila Korea was revealed that there is no collaboration plan.

On April 6, April 6, the United States, the Super Sonic 2, which is scheduled to open on April 8, deals with the story of Sonic, which is back on the threat of the Robotonic Robotonic. The series of the series, Tales and Knoles, and the expectation of fans are gathering.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) -
The former “Super Sonic” bought a fan repulsion with the ‘Sonic’ design that gives strong discomfort and discomfort in the trailer before the opening, and I am interested in modifying the modeling. After opening, I did not get favorable favorable and fans showed a good response, which gives 93% and 8.1 points, respectively in Roton Tomato and Meta Cryp.