Look towards the past of League of Legends can be somewhat deceptive. The first years of the game were full of objects or skills that we loved and that we miss, but they were very bad for the state of the title. Nowadays we talk about the old version of Ryze as if he were a balanced champion or remember with love items that were actually blocking the progress of Riot Games. Some of the most famous items in this respect were the golden gain, which could offer different statistics and shared a passive with which the player earned 5 currency units every 10 seconds.

The objects that prevented evolve to League of Legends

Almost all players have heard about the golden heart or philosopher stone . Two very dear items that led the elections of the community for some champions by offering quite interesting statistics that included the aforementioned passive to generate additional gold. However, from Riot Games sinned from pardins introducing them first, as they were items that, although League of Legends players miss, they did not give more than problems to a development team that was still learning how Make the game run.

At a time when the game did not receive as many patches as now, between both objects there were a total of 17 equilibrium changes over less than three years until its elimination. These adjustments gave rise to the versions that can be seen in the upper image, which are the possible worst of the items. The objective was to create articles with which the players of the support position could earn some gold and take a few statistics. However, reality was different. Champions of other lines (especially Jungle and Top) accumulated these items and then sell them for 70% of its value.

The goal was to take them and have them for a while generating passive income and then improve or sell them. In fact, the reason why Riot Games eliminated the heart of gold was that “he improved to champions that did not belong to the support position gain gold that then transformed into objects that could then use properly.” As for the philosopher’s stone, it was a very similar case. However, this item was something more niche, being SINGED The only champion does not support that I could get it out. There were not many, but this character was terrifying for the League of Legends of the time.

Riot Games was stagnant because No one wanted to play Support and a good part of the blame was of these objects . They were items destined for the support characters that all the rest of the League of Legends champions campus used better than them. That is why so he eliminated them forever with a gigantic Rework that took place when the third season ended was on patch 3.14. In this version, the new Support objects were created, very similar to those that are still in the game, and a great playable update was carried out that affected seven champions of this position.

5 Things Riot Games REMOVED From League of Legends

Philosopher’s stone, the heart of gold and other similar objects were blocking the progression of League of Legends and Riot Games took years to realize . However, many players remember them as a great time of League of Legends. One more proof that we usually look towards the past in a much more optimistic way and forgetting some of the problems we would find in case of being able to play so desired LOL Classic for just a couple of games.