The SC Prussia Münster wins its home game against the Bonn SC Highly deserved 3-0 and pushes back to the top of the table. The eagle carriers dominated the game against the molded Rheinlöwen almost over the entire season and laid the foundation again early in the game, when Thorben Deters scored his tenth goalout. Luke Hemmerich made for the preliminary decision, Jan Dahlke in the reflection time for the final point.

However, it also remained on Saturday that the Eagle carriers must recreate their initial formation again and again. With Dominik Klann and Manuel Farrona Pulido, in addition to the blocked Robin Brick, reported two actors with Corona at short notice. On the six Thomas Kok took the vacant position, Nicolai Remberg returned to the eight after surviving barrier. For this Jules Schwadorf received a break. The front left began Thorben Deters for Alexander Langlitz and rided himself at the side of Deniz Bindemann and Henok Teklab. Between the post was after two games absence again Max Schulze Niehues.

Important early start

In the Prussia Stadion, the Eaglegärten again laid a promotional early start. Nicolai Remberg had a significant proportion, who conquered the ball for the second time in the early minutes and drove quickly forward. The first attempt still passed, he served in the second attempt the accavenged Thores Deters at the right moment. Deters remained cool and pushed past the sweeping BSC-Keeper Kevin Birk past the goal – 1: 0 (4.). And with a little luck it would have become a real dream start. After a corner, Marcel Hoffmeier, as in the previous week, from the second row. Deniz bindemann countered the ball untenable, but was in the away, otherwise it would have been 2: 0 (6.). So it stayed at the 1-0 lead and the guests came to the game for a good quarter of an hour. Nevertheless, the next big chance was the eagle rods when Deters Remberg was in scene this time. He decided in the penalty area for the conclusion that Last Man parried Birk. Maybe the crosspass would have been the better decision, but that is always easy.

Eventful remained shortly thereafter. After a foul game, Bonn’s best scorer Serhat Güler was so much that referee Alexander shoe gave him yellow. Güler answered with Hönischer Applaus and looked directly the next yellow, in total yellow-red (24th). That made the Prussian’s life in the game build-up slightly easier and the game gradually shifted in half of the Bonn Sc. They pulled back correspondingly deep and built their two four-chains directly in front of the penalty area. A tough nut, the Simon Sherder crackled with a beautiful flank from the half-field. Deniz Bindemann still missed, on the second post Luke Hemmerich but went on and sucked the ball skillfully by head in the long corner – 2: 0 (38.).

Bonn without an opportunity

Until the pause and even after the side change, the picture remained monotonous. The eagle carriers had the ball and sought the gap, Bonn waited and hoped. Because the Prussians were always running the ball quickly through their own ranks, just after the break many opportunities arose, which the guests could still defend the last moment. But it was really just a matter of time until the third followed. Darius Ghindovean was already very close with his graduation after 81 minutes, the conclusion Keeper Birk played really strong. In the detention time he was powerless when Jan Dahlke pressed a rebound over the line and hit 3: 0 final score (90.).

05-03-2022 SC Genemuiden VR1 - Sparta Nijkerk VR1

The data for the game

SCP : Schulze Niehues – Schauers, Scherder, Hoffmeier, Hemmerich – Remberg, Kok (Schwadorf, 60th), Ghindovean (Dahlke, 85.) – Teklab, Bindemann (Wegkamp, 55.), Deters (Thiel, 77.)

Bonn : Birk – Bezerra Ehret, Goralski, Keita, Afamefuna – Gonzalez Vass, Braun (Mukanya, 77.), Pomer, Takahara (small, 65th) – Mountain (Somuah, 77.), Gooler

Goals : 1: 0 Detters (4th), 2: 0 Hemmerich (38.), 3: 0 Dahlke (90.)

Yellow cards : Goralski

Yellow-red card : Güler (24th)

Spectators : 4,750

Referee : Alexander shoe