Night City Wire is an upcoming show hosted by the Cd Projekt Red developer who shows CyberPunk 2077 to impatient fans who want to see practical images of the game before leaving. The live event will be a means for CD Projekt Red to show the game they would probably reveal during the E3 2020. Since the larger event has been canceled, their viewing event of Night City Wire Will be available for everyone, and you can catch on June 11th.

Everything You Need to Know Before Night City Wire - Cyberpunk 2077 Major Details Explained

Since the E3 was to be the last full press tour before CyberPunk 2077 released on September 17, we can expect a series of large advertisements and a more in-depth gameplay than we’ve seen. We will probably not have the chance to discover too much of the main campaign of the game, but we can imagine that CD Projekt Red will be more than happy to show some secondary quests.

For the moment, we do not have an exact time for an event. We only have the June 11 date to prepare for what will happen. CD Projekt Red announced a month in advance, but we still do not know what time we can expect to discover more of their game in open world. When we learn these details, we will update this guide accordingly to guarantee all these details. For those who are curious to know where to go, you may want to keep an eye on the official _cyberpunk 2077_CHAIN YOUTUBE. Whatever the developers share, we can probably check it once it will be online. You can also view the YouTube’s Official PROJEKT CD, which will probably have it too.

We gradually get closer to the output of _Cyberpunk 2077, _ and we always learn about the game details after each new announcement leading to its exit.