E3 Organizer, who gave up offline in January this year, said online events do not proceed. E3 2022 holds the front.

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The Entertainment Software Association (Entertainment Software Association, ESA), hosted E3, said on March 31, the official statement of the official statement, said that E3 is not opened online, as well as offline this year. For this, ESA announced that “E3 does not open up in the face of Corona 19, e3 is not opened in the face. And I said the online showcase is nothing, “he said.

The organizer said he would focus on the event next year. ESA focuses on all competencies to provide E3 in next summer and E3 online. Before you enjoy in the exhibition hall, you will be able to collect the community, media, and industry in a completely new experience and bidirectional communication. Next year, I said that LA is ancient times to be able to show E3 to fans worldwide. “

As a result, the E3, which was the world’s three major game show and new information about the expectations of this year, could not meet this year. As a result, major game users are expected to convey their title related to their title through their own events. In addition, Jeff Cale Leading Game Presented Summer Game Pest reminded me that the event is held in June without change through official Twitter after the E3 cancellation news was transmitted.

On the other hand, Games Corporation and Tokyo Game Show, which are one of the three games and Tokyo game shows in the three major game shows, GameSecom is held at Cologne Mize, Germany from August 24th to 28th this year, and the Tokyo Game Show will be held at Chiba Makuhari Messe from September 15 to 18. In addition, the domestic representative game show, GaSta, also predicted the full offline this year, and is held in Bacus from November 17th to 20th.