In the presidency of the Property TF, the Real Estate TF was opened in the first meeting and entered the basic direction of the real estate policy of the next government. In the inner, the real estate TF was configured to coordinate various tasks such as supply, detergent, and finance.

The personnel said on the 30th, and the Secondary Economy of the Eastern Economy and the Professional Committee said that the team district has established financial, tax, and supply residential welfare, and deployed the economy and practice in each minute.

It is also a plan to promote a more market-friendly discussion of the real estate TF discussion by committee the 9 real estate market private experts.

In the first meeting of TF, the first market stabilizer and market function recovery to the demand, and the market functional recovery, and the market has been promoted to the market, The consensus was formed and the individual tasks were specifically discussed.

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In particular, in terms of supply, the direction of 250 million housing supply roadmaps ▲ National support projects for the restoration of the house of the young man ▲ Influenza for the restoration of the vulnerable hierarchy,

In terms of market functional recovery, we decided to discuss assignments for lending regulations ▲ rationalization rationalization ▲ rendering of real estate.

Meanwhile, detergent, loan, reconstruction regulation, such as relaxation, such as interest rate trends, such as interest rate trends, such as interest rate trends, etc.

In the Inner, “the real estate TF will provide a policy solution that can operate in the field,” which will be able to combat their own conference as well as related associations, experts, and “the future,” said, “We will provide a policy solution that can be operated in the field.” I will do our best efforts to ensure that you can definitely.