Cacao Games (Representative Cho Gyu-hyun) is served by the MMORPG ‘Odin: Balla Rising (“Odin”), which is developed by Lion Heart Studio (representative Kim Jae-young), ” She ranked first in both market popularity.

Local service name ‘Odin:’ Odin ‘released in Taiwan area with’ Odin ‘is’ Odin’, ▲ Unreal Engine 4 and 3D scan, the best graphics using motion capture technology, ▲ Nordic Shinhwa’s world view ▲ Executive Role of Open World, ▲ Characters, ▲ A large-scale contents such as a large-scale war, which offer an explosive combat pleasure, is a popular mall in Taiwan.

‘Odin’ is a preliminary download of 28th, which is full of formal launches, and the Taiwan Apple App Store is the first place in the first place, and demonstrated anticipation of the launch. In addition, it was founded in the Apple App Store in the Apple App Store in about 5 hours since the launch of the official service on the 29th.

Как установить приложение из App Store с iPhone
Cacao Games will be able to pay the number of “Rokki’s boxes” and ‘Order boxes’ packed “Rokki’s boxes” and ‘order boxes’ packed for users for the first place for the first place for the first place for local users.

On the other hand, ‘Odin’ participated in the Taipei International Games Show last January and has received high interest in local gamers, followed by Local CBT, and took the first foot of Taiwanese market. During the test period, it was popular in the majority of elements that make up games such as graphics, directing, and story combat, and the pre-character and server preemptive events also exceeded the number of persons who exceeded anticipation and exceeded the server emergency.

Information on cross-multi-platform games that can be enjoyed on both mobile and PCs can be found on the Taiwanese local official homepage and Taiwan ‘Odin’ on Facebook.