The open world offered in our test Elden Ring has not only offer numerous valleys and mountains, but at least as many caves. In which the fast trip is disabled, if you have not consumed the boss lurking there: a very nice dilemma from which you can not even save our helpful entry-level tips.

If you drive in such a cave with a high number of runes , but would rather explore elsewhere and do not deal with the boss, the only way usually leads through the whole cave back to the beginning. And who had to fall somewhere, this is denied this option. There is a way out!

The wondrous medicine can save your runes

However, you have to prepare for that: Before you hike into the depths of a cave, she snaps in a place of grace and changes the crystal tears in your bottle of miraculous drugs. Give the jumped branch tears in: Your effect prevents the loss of runes for three minutes after your death.

So if you wander around somewhere in a dark cave and stands with a large amount of runes in the pockets just before death, take a powerful sip of the miraculous drug and crashes to death: you already awaken at the last place of grace, without even only one Rune lost.

The cracked branch bean also has another effect: you once died and have left your runes in the place of your death, it prevents the runes from disappearing at your renewed death. So you can drink your wondrous drug, die, and then recently collect the runes available.

Even more interesting will be the whole thing together with the cracked crystal tears : It ensures an explosion that adds the user to the user. So you can only live little, you can drink your wondrous medicine, so blinds you into the air and keeps all your runes thanks to the cracked branch tears.

A one-way ticket in the death, where you restarts without rune loss on the last place of grace. The mixture of the two crystal tears is an extremely smart idea, as you can save from brenzy situations. The idea comes from Twitter users Moiddoesart, who shared his sophisticated drug combination on the social media platform.

Where can I find the cracked branch tears and the cracked crystal tears?

The cracked branch tears and thus the most important essence for a successful sun salvation, you will find at the age of the lower earth tree in Altus plateau , in the edge areas of the capital. The cracked crystal tears, which ensures the right spice and a decent explosion, on the other hand, there are two times in the game.

One gets you after the victory over the Earth tree Avatar at the lower Earth tree in Liurnia. For the second you have to defeat the avatar in the lower earth tree in the consecrated snow field, a very well hidden secret area. For our above-mentioned Arznei combination for a quick finish, of course, one of the two tears is enough.

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