As part of the advertisements that were given at the Anime Japan 2022 event, Dragon Ball fans have had the opportunity to see a little more about _ Super Hero _, the next anime movie. In this way, a poster has been revealed that gives us a better look at Broly and Chelye.

During the anime event, two new posters were announced. One of these comes directly from Anime Japan, while the other is a brochure of the tape. Although there are usually not many differences, there is a detail that draws attention, since Chelye only appears in one of these.

Another details that draw attention, is that the size of Yajirobe and Karin has decreased . In the same way, Dende has grown, and the position of Trunks has changed, and he is now next to Vegeta and Bulma. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to see Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in the cinema, since it has been delayed indefinitely.

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In related topics, it has been revealed what role it will have BROLY in this film. Similarly, Goku and Bardock are reunited.

Editor’s note:

Each new piece of information about this film is more and more interesting. I already want to see what will happen to this movie. I just hope that the wait is not so long.