Super Cat recruits adoption of adoption. I started my new development in earnest this year, and I have expanded the query garden to 20 by 20 for practitioners.

Recruitment, Onboarding & Dutch Labour Law

On the 25th, Supercat, the Super Cat, said the program ‘Super Cat Dot Academy’ for dot artists is recruiting the third tester. The Super Cat Dot Academy is a program that receives from the theory to Supercat’s current dot artists for 12 weeks, which is a well-built practical task, which can accumulate in a well-woven practical task, and it is attracting attention to dot artist hopes.

Super Cat Dot Academy 3 applicant documents will be held until April 8, and the finalized student who passed through the documents and interviewing of the documents and the interviewing shall be trained on April 25th to 12 weeks. The curriculum is held in full free, and the student can be trained in the mentoring of the dot artist, as well as the education of the business-based curriculum that cultivates the handset. Thanks to this curriculum, the success of the Super Cat Dot Academy 1st tester is 90% and the second two students is 100%.

Adoption confirmed students can support MMORPG ‘Nara: kite’ and meta bus platform ‘ZEP’, as well as new projects, ‘Cablo Tequality’, ‘project D’, and will be joined to the most appropriate project.

“The Supercat Kim Hoon Art Director said,” The last Super Cat Dot Academy was able to adopt the first Cat Dot Academy and found the amazing possibilities and a hot passion for the second class, “he said.” I would like to reinforce the capacity of Supercat and the game industry development. “

More details on supercat dot academy 3 recruitment can be found on the Supercat official website.