Luxury dying 2 was released last month without some characteristics that the players were disconcerted to see that they were missing. While the game is full of content like all open world role games, you lack some features that players expect from modern AAA games. Unfortunately, for these players, this type of characteristics are increasingly pushed into the post-launch for a variety of reasons. One of these characteristics is a way of photography, which is almost never included in the launch, but is saved for a post-launch pop-up window. Luxury dying 2 is the last example of this practice. If he retained intentionally or was promoted so that Techland could concentrate on other things, we do not know. What we do know is that it is a function that was missing in the launch, still lack, but it is working on it.

Techland (through the main game designer Tymon Smektal) confirmed that the function, along with New Game Plus, is in process, but did not say anything about when it will be added. What is mocked from Smektal is that these characteristics and more will come “very soon”.

“Definitely those are things that are on the table currently and in which you are working. I do not want to enter too many details here… but very soon, people will begin to see that those things are added in one way or another. ” In the game, “Smektal said when asked about the photo and more mode.

Of course, “very soon” is not only subjective but vague. That said, when more information is provided, we will make sure to update it over everything you need to know.

Luxury dying 2 is available through PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. For more information about the popular zombie game, click here.

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«Luxury dying 2 has a slow start, and some can even see it as a hard work, but if you hold it a little more, you will discover a trip full of tension through the zombie apocalypse that rewards players who are intrepid and jump to the adventure. DANGER », says a fragment of our game review. “Soon you will be sliding, jumping and sliding around the world and cutting the infected more lethal with precision and absolute brutality. This is not an easy world to live and, sometimes, darkness can almost overwhelm you, but most of the time the rich characters, the convincing narrative and exciting combat create a mix that simply can not resist, and it is a world I hope to return ».