For six years Zlatko Junuzovic laced the football shoes for Werder Bremen. Now the Austrian apparently thinks of a comeback at the green-white ones.

198 games, 22 goals and 53 templates: There are quite considerable statistics that Zlatko Junuzovic was able to record between 2012 and 2018 as a central midfielder at the former football Bundesliga club Werder Bremen.

Although it was not enough for the Austrian to the Weser for a title, yet the 34-year-old rose to fanblebling. The sadder were the supporters when Jaguzevic were the Werderaner almost four years ago towards home to Red Bull Salzburg. But now the former Austrian national player evidently thinks of a comeback in Bremen.

Asked by “picture” if he wanted to run again for Werder Bremen in the coming season, Junuzovic said, “It’s all possible, even if there is nothing concrete right now.” Together with his family, he will discuss, “what the best is for us and our two children,” the midfielder added and added, “I will not exclude anything. I’ll let me see what happens at the end. “

However, if the hanatists have even athletic interest in Junuzovic at all, may at least be doubted.

After the descent into second-rate at the end of the last season, a big upheaval took place in Bremen. Many young players were integrated. Currently, Werder is on the rise course, stands point with the FC St. Pauli at the top of the 2nd Bundesliga. Junuzovic could be a maximum option as a routinean for the midfield center and dangerous standard shooters, which would probably not cost much content.

In any case, Junuzovic never lost sight of his former club and kept contact. “I look at every game. With theo Selassie, who has now returned recently, I talk a lot about Werder. I also contact many players from the current team,” the Austrian betrayed. “I recently congratulated Jiri Pavlenka at birth of his second child.”