Qatar has reacted unusually sharp to the critique of the Dutch National Trainer Louis van Gaal at the award of the World Cup to the Emirate.

“For someone who has been coaches for so many years and understanding the power of football, it is ridiculous to give up such a non-unsing statement,” said World Cup boss Hassan Al-Thawadi at “leg National Trainers”.

Louis van Gaal criticises FIFA's decision to host the World Cup in Qatar

He was sure Al-Thawadi, Van Gaal, was “not much concerned with the meaning of football for Qatar and the Arab world”.

In view of the passion of the people there it is “no ridiculous idea that an Arab nation is subject to the World Cup”. Qatar has proven “unparalleled skills” when aligning major events and would be apologizing for anything.

Van Gaal, former Bavaria coach, had called the awarding “ridiculous”. The World Association FIFA pursue exclusively financial and commercial interests, the talk of development is “bullshit”.

The first football world championship in the Arab region is played from 21 November to 18 December.